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July 05, 2015
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What's New at Local 104
Vigor Fab Welder/Fitter and Helper positons

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions click the links below and fill out the proper application. Also please call the Union Hall, or me, Brian Self at (206)854-4636 and let us know that you have applied, it will expedite the process.

16 positions for Welder/Fitter available

4 positions for Helper available

City Bridge Maint. Crew Position

The City of Seattle Bridge Maintenance Crew is in need of qualified workers who have a good track record and are skilled in fabrication, pipe, repair, mechanical maintenance. Please send a resume to the Union Hall through email, fax or mail. The resume's will be sent to the hiring personel at the City and considered by them. This is a temporary position that could work into a permenant position for the right person. These positions do not open often, and are a great opportunity for a person with the right skills and attitude.

Fax: 206-623-7176


2800 1st ave.

suite 220

Seattle WA, 98121


Current Events - April 2015

Current Events

April 1, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Local 104,

The following is an update of recent changes that have taken place in the Vancouver/Portland area. The first thing I’d like to bring to your attention is the changes made to representation.  Lance and Tami Hickey no longer work for Local 104. Therefore as a result, effective March 17th 2015, Steve Behling has assumed the representation duties and responsibilities for the Vancouver/Portland area.

Secondly I’d like to bring up the transition from the Vancouver office to your new Portland office. As I’m sure you’ve heard already, Local 104 purchased an office and training facility from Local 242. The address, phone and fax numbers are posted below. My goal is to be fully operating from this office by the time you read this letter. However if you need to contact your representative Steve Behling, I urge you to call his mobile number as you should for all reps of Local 104.

In regards to membership dues, Effective March 30th 2015, any and/or all members have the ability to pay dues online through your local website. For more information, visit the website listed below. With regards to paying dues in person or mailing in a check, this can still be performed. However I ask that if you mail a check, please send it to the Seattle office going forward. If you have any questions relating to your membership status, membership dues, employment status being laid off, hired or rehired, please contact the Seattle office until further notice.

BRIAN OPLAND, Bus. Manager/Sec. Treasurer                                 STEVE BEHLING, Asst. BM  

2800 1st Ave, RM 220                                                                     2515 NE Columbia Blvd.

Seattle, WA 98121                                                                         Portland, OR 97211

Office: (206) 623-6473                                                                  Cell: (206) 854-4902

Cell: (206) 250-0030                                                                     Office: (503) 288-5295                                 Fax: (503) 288-5791


BRIAN SELF, Asst. BM                                                                    KRISTI ADAMS, Financial Secretary

Office: (206) 623-6473                                                                  Office: (206) 623-6473

Cell: (206) 854-4636                                                                     Fax: (206) 623-7176                                     Email:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (206)623-6473

In Solidarity,

Brian Opland

Business Manager/Sec Treasurer

Boilermakers Union Local 104


Call the hall if you are interested in the open call from Foss for welders and fitters. DO NOT call Foss for these positions, They will just refer you to the hall if you do!!

Boilermakers Local 104

P#- (206)623-6473

Current Events - Paying Dues Online

Current Events

March 25th 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Local 104,

            This is a notice to any/all fellow Brothers and Sisters within Local 104. The following is an update of current events within the Membership. Typically, the Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer presents a report during the General Membership meetings each month. However, not every Brother and Sister is able to attend. This is unfortunate, although understandable. That being said, here is a brief update of current events happening throughout our Membership.

If you recall, Local 104 has been in the process of updating its software for the office. Needless to say it’s been a struggle getting everything worked out while staying under budget. However I am pleased to write you and inform everyone that effective Monday, March 30th 2015, Members will be able to go online and view personal information and most importantly, Pay Dues Online !

Here are the steps for Members for logging into the website the first time:

Go to your Local Website at:

On the left-hand side of the page, under Member Resources, click the link to Member Services. <-- OR CLICK HERE.

This will open the website where you are required to provide a User Name and a Password to access your information.

To Log in the first time:

Your user name is the first letter of your first name, plus your full last name plus the last four of your SSN. 
For Example: if your name is John Brown, and your SSN is 123-45-6789, then your login username will be jbrown6789.

Your initial password is your last name plus the last four digits of your SSN.  Using the same name and SSN as above the password would be brown6789.

Note: After you login the first time, you will be required to change your password.  Additional links will not be available on the site until you change your password. 

Spread the word, let others know that your website is up and running. This has been much longer wait than originally planned. But now here it is so again, spread the word, encourage fellow Brothers and Sisters to sign up on your Local Website.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next General Membership Meeting on April 22nd 2015 in Seattle. If you have any questions regarding General Membership Meetings, what is expected, and what to expect from attending, feel free to contact me or any Local 104 Union Representatives at any time.  I remain

In Solidarity,

Brian Opland

Business Manager/Sec Treasurer

Boilermakers Union Local 104

Vigor Fab Pipe Fitter Supervisor position

Pipe fitter Supervisor

What's your answer?
February 27, 2015

Metal Fabrication & Shipyard Workers

Question – Do you currently work for an employer that provides any of the following?

  1. Negotiated Annual Wage Increases
  2. Negotiated Health & Welfare Benefits
  3. Negotiated Payment for Overtime
  4. Negotiated Grievance Procedure
  5. Negotiated Security Clause
  6. Negotiated Contract Duration    

If the Answer is “NO” to any of the questions above then ask yourself this,

  1. Are you tired of not getting paid for what you’re worth?
  2. Are you fed up of how Management treats you and your co-workers?
  3. Do you feel you deserve more than what you’re getting?
  4. Do you want to have a “VOICE” at your workplace?

Being Represented by International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 104 means leverage, power and your “VOICE” being heard when we sit down and negotiate the contract that “YOU’ want.

Then it’s time to take “ACTION” and Contact Boilermakers Local 104. Together, we can work and fight for the terms and conditions you and your co-workers deserve. It takes “ONE” phone call to begin taking action for Representation.

Vigor Marine Painter openings

Click the link below to apply for the Vigor Marine Painter positions.

Vigor Fab Seattle Needs Pipefitters and Combo Fitter/Welders

If you are a Boilermaker with pipe fitting skills, apply for the Vigor Fab Pipefitter job opening/s ---------

Fitter/Welder Combo Boilermakers who wish to apply to Vigor Fab use the following link -------

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